Nijmegen / Köln punx

2017 playing again…

whoop whoop! yo folks…we played a really nice weekend in bielefeld, potsdam and dresden. this is what came out on the way…enjoy!




We played a show in Brussels

Show in Brussel

---2016-03-25---2016-03-25---0d5e6e655Hey Punks and folks in Belgium!!
We have a show coming up this friday with some great bands organized by a great collective…big ups for the Bitchcraft kids!


Hey hey,

We had a great weekend with the amazing people of Pakt!
Thank you so much Philipp and Jonte for the hardwork and to get us the records on time..Störte crew in Hamburg your the best..Hutte, Lukas was great to see you again..and its always great to be in Flensburg..thanks senf-crew Sasha and Varya <3

We will be touring in a few weeks…see you then!


New record out!

So finally after alot of hard work from us and alot of our friends and people we asked favours from we managed to release this beauty..we are extremely happy with it.
We will bring it on our upcoming shows but if you prefer getting it any other way get in touch with Contraszt for Europe or All we know from the USofA..feel free to download and always feel free to write us…
THIS is where you should click

This weekend

We will be playing some shows this weekend with Pakt from Slovenia…also we will put our new record up on bandcamp tomorrow and bring ’em on this few shows…come say hi!
10/3 Hannover@pressureandink
11/3 Hamburg@störtebeker
12/3 Flensburg@senffabrik

crevassepakt poster

new shit out now soon & tour w/Strafplanet

yo people,
the record is at the pressing plant now and will be available on the next shows! hell yeah! exciting!

also, our dearest homies of strafplanet decided to join us on tour in april – finally =)
so if you still not decided in coming to one of those concerts, you definately have to come now!

see you on the road!